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RealVNC Enterprise 6.0.0 註冊版附註冊碼-遠程控制軟件
RealVNC(VNC)(Virtual Network Computing,虛擬網絡計算)最早是一套由英國劍橋大學AT&T實驗室在2002年開發的輕量型的遠程控制計算機軟件,其採用了GPL授權條款,任何人都可免費取得該軟件。VNC軟件主要由兩個部分組成:VNC server及VNC viewer。用戶需先將VNC server安裝在被控端的計算機上後,才能在主控端執行 VNC viewer 控制被控端。

RealVNC Enterprise 6.0.0 註冊版附註冊碼-遠程控制軟件

VNC server 與 VNC viewer 支持多種操作系統,如 windows,Linux,MacOS 及 Unix 系列(Unix,Solaris等),因此可將 VNC server 及 VNC viewer 分別安裝在不同的操作系統中進行控制。RealVNC 的優越性還在於如果操作系統的主控端計算機沒有安裝 VNC viewer,也可以通過一般的網絡瀏覽器(如 IE 等)來控制被控端(需要 Java 虛擬機的支持)。

操作系統要求: XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10/Server 2008 R2/Server 2012 R2/Server 2016


(1)VNC 客戶端通過瀏覽器或 VNC Viewer 連接至 VNC Server。
(2)VNC Server 傳送一對話窗口至客戶端,要求輸入連接密碼(可能為空),以及存取的 VNC Server 顯示裝置。
(3)在客戶端輸入連接密碼後,VNC Server 驗證客戶端是否具有存取權限。
(4)若是客戶端通過 VNC Server 的驗證,客戶端即要求 VNC Server 顯示桌面環境。
(5)被控端將畫面顯示控制權交由 VNC Server 負責。
(6)VNC Server 將把被控端的桌面環境利用 VNC 通信協議送至客戶端,並且允許客戶端控制 VNC Server 的桌面環境及輸入裝置。

6.0.0 更新記錄:
All platforms
NEW: VNC has a new brand name, VNC Connect. VNC Server and VNC Viewer have new brand colors, icons and logos.
NEW: VNC Connect is licensed by annual subscription rather than perpetual license key. When a paid Professional or Enterprise subscription expires, remote access stops. If you're an existing, entitled VNC 5.x customer, you can automatically upgrade to a new Enterprise subscription.
NEW: Establish secure, seamless, reliable cloud connections from VNC Viewer to VNC Server. If you have an Enterprise subscription, this can be as well as, or instead of, traditional direct connections.
NEW: Invite people in to your team to quickly share remote access, and manage computers, subscriptions, renewals and payment methods much more conveniently online using your RealVNC account.
NEW: Sign in to VNC Viewer with your RealVNC account credentials to backup and sync your address book between all your desktop and mobile devices.
NEW: VNC Address Book is integrated into VNC Viewer, so everything is accessible from one place. Use File > Import connections to transfer VNC 5.x connections in from VNC Address Book, or from a directory of .vnc files.
NEW: VNC Viewer can remember remote access credentials so you don't have to enter them each time. Note under Linux we additionally recommend setting a master password for VNC Viewer; see below. Learn how passwords are stored.
NEW: Use File > Preferences > Privacy to set a master password to protect VNC Viewer from unauthorized use.
NEW: Save desktop previews for connections (that is, screenshots in thumbnail form) to make VNC Viewer more intuitive to use.
NEW: Give connections friendly names.
NEW: Quickly forget sensitive data such as passwords and desktop previews if VNC Viewer is running on a shared computer.
NEW: If you start VNC Viewer and simultaneously establish a direct connection at the command line, use the -useaddressbook flag to integrate with your address book, for example vncviewer -useaddressbook If the connection is to a known computer, stored settings are applied. If the connection is to a new computer, it is added to your address book.
NEW: Configure the rate at which a desktop is panned when in full screen mode using the BumpScrollSpeed VNC Viewer parameter.
VNC Server now needs an Enterprise subscription in order to run in User Mode or Virtual Mode. Only direct connectivity is available in these modes.
VNC Viewer now sets File > Preferences > Proxy to the system proxy server by default, rather than to no proxy server.
VNC Deployment Tool and VNC Viewer for Java are no longer supported.
NEW: Support for Windows Server 2016. Full supported platforms list.