aAbelssoft Backup 2016

aAbelssoft Backup 2016

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Abelssoft Backup 2016 6.2.0 Retail 註冊版-文件備份軟件
aAbelssoft Backup 2016是一款有效的文件備份軟件,它可以把你的重要文件:如視頻,照片,音樂等等進行備份。 Abelssoft Backup 2016有一個全新的用戶界面,允許用戶按自己的要求進行備份,非常簡單,通過點擊鼠標即可完成。

Abelssoft Backup 2016 6.2.0 Retail 註冊版-文件備份軟件





aAbelssoft Backup 2016支持安全備份加密。


aAbelssoft Backup 2016可以從您的系統中創建自動備份。例如,基於固定的時間間隔。

Abelssoft Backup 2016 6.2.0 Retail 註冊版-文件備份軟件

Abelssoft Backup preserves all of your videos, photos, and music in one fell swoop! If you want to eliminate all fears of a sudden data loss, take precaution—with a regular and secure backup schedule. Abelssoft Backup is a Windows application that every user can easily understand and operate, making backups simple.

The software is even capable of finding all image, video, and music files on each NTFS-Partition and automatically earmarking them for backup. If you are asking how do to easily a safe backup of your files in a easy way, your problems are over. Everything even simpler, faster, and easier to understand; Abelssoft Backup 2015 sports a completely new user interface and allows users to prepare their backups extremely simply, with a click of their mouse.

Abelssoft Backup can schedule any number of backup plans. In each plan the user specifies precisely which partitions, folders and files to backup, and also to which drive they should be saved. Once you've set your backup plans, you can sit back and relax, knowing that in the event of an incurable virus or system failure your data is safe. Users are often too willing to neglect and postpone backups. However, it's truly worthwhile and important to ensure an up-to-date backup is always available. For this reason, Abelssoft Backup's automatic backup feature is incredibly useful. Such backups can be scheduled at any given time, within a given time interval, or just when you connect an external USB drive.

Abelssoft Backup 2016 6.2.0 Retail 註冊版-文件備份軟件

To prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands, Abelssoft Backup allows you to set a password on your backups. In the case that restoration of a backup is needed after data loss, the process is quick and simple. Dr. Sven Abels from Abelssoft: 「Abelssoft Backup essential in situations where a full backup of the entire computer is needed—with all data that would otherwise be blocked by Windows. Users who create a 1:1 image of their entire drive can have their damaged system up and running again」

A special feature of Abelssoft Backup is its high-speed performance. The data can be backed up at a rate as high as 90 MB/sec. Abelssoft Backup supports Windows 10. On an NTFS partition drive it's now possible to select pictures, music, and videos for backup with the click of the mouse. Finally there is an easy solution for making a backup of, for example, all music on one's computer—no matter where the files are stored.