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Rob Papen The Secrets Of Subtractive Synthesis The 4 Element Synth D4 視頻教學

Rob Papen is a globally renowned sound designer whose sounds and virtual

synthesizers are used and loved by many synthesizer players and music


This 200+ page book. which is accompanied by four DVDs with over 10 hours

of content. gives an in-depth insight into his approach of working with

subtractive synthesis.

In 2001. Rob Papen began giving exclusive masterclasses teaching .synthesizer

sound design" in his studio. For these training sessions. Rob developed his

own method to explain the secrets of subtractive synthesis. called "The 4

Element Synth".

This masterclass training is now transformed into a combined book and DVD

package that also delivers numerous .tips and tricks. which will help you

to design and tweak your own sounds. Throughout the masterclass. a variety

of hardware and software synthesizers are explored.

We are sure this synthesizer sound design training is an eye-opener for

every synthesizer player. from novice to pro. A must have for everyone

who takes his sounds seriously!